Create color-filled, expressive paintings that make your heart sing.




Unlock the secrets to confidence and clarity in this powerful online course for all experience levels.



Enrollment Ends June 17

Course begins June 21


Yes, you CAN make expressive paintings that thrill you.

  • Struggle with messy brush strokes or muddy colors? 
  • Paralyzed by not knowing what to do? Paint yourself into corners and wonder if you'll ever "get it?"
  • Afraid you'll never be a "real" artist? Look to others for validation? Get filled with self-doubt and "kill" your work?
  • Want to go beyond "this is what a tree is supposed to look like," but can't find guidance about how to do it?
  • Wonder if you'll ever be able to finish a painting you're happy with?

—and yourself—
by taking this course


Don't miss out. Enrollment closes at midnight on June 17.


is for you if:

  • You yearn to create looser paintings full of emotion, energy, and gorgeous color.
  • You long to paint with joy and curiosity, confident in making marks and mixing colors.
  • You want to know the secret to getting past being "stuck in the middle," without losing what you wanted to express in the first place.
  • You're ready to put the work in and finally solve the mystery of making a well constructed, abstracted painting.
  • You want to learn techniques as they apply to YOU, so you can paint in your own voice, in your own way.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You like to stay safe, be stuck in fear, copy other artists' work, and refuse to hear what your own inner voice yearns for.
  • You want a cookie-cutter approach. You don't want to think or feel or put any of yourself into your art.
  • You don't want to paint at least two hours per week.
  • The cost of the course would put you in any kind of financial hardship.
  • You're unwilling to look at your mindset, take risks, experiment, accept that the process can sometimes suck, and relish in "mistakes."

What you can expect by the end of the course

After completing all the lessons, you will:

  • Have a much better understanding of the voice you create through your use of line and shape
  • See and use color differently, including being able to create lovely color harmony and understand how warm and cool colors work together to create atmosphere in your paintings
  • Know how to achieve the emotional effects you desire through color, edges, value, texture, and rhythm
  • Have strategies and tools to push past the "middle uglies" stage of a painting and finish what you start
  • Get out of the old rut and feel more inspired about your own work. You'll see with new eyes and have a fresh approach. Talk about freedom and excitement!

And I'm here to let you know your art CAN change in ways you've wished for. With regular practice and some guidance, you'll be astonished at the levels you can reach.

I know, because I started painting in the corner of my living room with hardly a clue about where to begin. I had so much inside I needed to express, but my hands wouldn't do what I envisioned so clearly in my mind.

I searched for teachers who would help me unlock the secrets behind successful abstracted paintings, but they were either all about following intuition with no lessons on solid art principles, or they focused only on technique, with no context about how to uncover your own voice—never mind how to trust it and take it further.

So, I made a lot of crappy, aimless paintings. I cried. I got angry and stomped (one time, right out of an art class).

But I persisted, because that inner longing to express truth and beauty is a powerful force, and I had to follow it. If you've read this far, I think you know what I mean.

Today, I'm a successful artist who has her own studio, attracts lovely collectors willing to pay thousands of dollars for a painting, and makes a pretty good living doing what she loves.

The truth is, creating abstracted, expressive work isn't some unattainable, mysterious gift given to only a few. It has principles the same way representational work does. This course not only dives into those principles, but also weaves in specific techniques and explains how to apply them in a way that's right for your own vision. You need to do you—not paint like the teacher. 

I developed this course because I know there's a need for it, and I want to save you the time and frustration I went through. It's the course I wished I'd had in that living room all those years ago. We'll try new things, we'll explore with curiosity and no judgment, and we'll make a big, fun, beautiful mess together.

Module 1 photo of Dawn making marks
M O D U L E  1


We talk about mindset and discover how to relax into our own personal marks as we play with line, shape, and color fields. Includes bonus color mixing video!

M O D U L E  2


Composition and design CAN be fun and easy to grasp. Here, we look at the rule of thirds, shape designs, and letter designs. Then, we OWN them.

M O D U L E  3


Like the best of partners, each needs the other in order to truly shine. This one is packed full of my signature tips for creating palettes that work some serious magic.

M O D U L E  4


Ah, rhythm! So often neglected, yet so essential. Get ready for some VERY freeing and fun exercises that will make your paintings sing ... and you do a happy dance.

M O D U L E  5


Break away from the trap of trying to paint "things," and see how shapes, as well as the spaces between them, work together. Invaluable for the expressive painter.

M O D U L E  6


They all make your work more interesting. Here, we explore different types of texture, lost edges, soft edges, hard edges, and the ever-compelling concept of broken color.

M O D U L E  7


We start out excited, begin to create something we love, and then ... BAM ... we hit the dreaded Middle Uglies and/or can't tell when to stop. Here are proven strategies to help you through.

M O D U L E  8


Here's where I send you on your merry way, standing in confidence, holding a suitcase stuffed with tools and techniques to make your mark and paint in a voice you proudly claim as your own. 

"Dawn's course is extremely helpful for both beginners and experienced artists. As a veteran art teacher and professional painter, I'm quite familiar with the elements and principles of art, compositional techniques, and color theory ... except when it comes to my own work.


The course helped me strengthen weak areas, and it contained wonderful exercises to loosen up my style, which I hadn't been able to do on my own. Super pleased with the content, its presentation, and the wonderful videos.

—Kristen Ferguson, Houston TX

Take your painting to a new level


The Basics

Learn (or revisit) a new art concept/technique in expressive painting every week. This will be your foundation to creating paintings you've always longed to but didn't know how.

Discovery Tools

I've developed a signature method to help you discover/uncover what your inner artist yearns to say. Every week, you'll learn new tips and tricks to dig deeper and go further than you imagined possible.

Actionable Exercises

The key to your success! Put what you learn to use right away with innovative exercises created to help you paint with confidence and clarity. Yes, there's homework! Painters gotta paint.

Painting Demos

Join me in the studio, where I'll share my process with you every week and further highlight what we're learning. It always helps to see how it's done, and I'll give you commentary and tips throughout.

Private Online Community

Being part of a nurturing community and not having to go it alone makes all the difference. Share your art, connect with other students, and watch for extra tips from me. 

Weekly Q & A

Every week for an hour, we connect on Zoom, where you can ask me questions and start fitting all the pieces together. If you can't make it, no problem—sessions will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time.

"Dawn has packed so much easy-to-grasp information into each session, and the course was invaluable for me as a beginner. Each unit builds on earlier lessons, and I could feel myself—and my work—grow throughout the course.

—Roberta Woitkowski, Nashua NH

"I didn't know what to expect. I'd painted before, but not for a long time. I tried to make everything perfect, but was unhappy when it wasn't. And it never was. Dawn did not tell us what to paint, but guided us in finding our own voices. She led us to see possibilities and not be afraid of making mistakes. The mistakes became the magic. Above all, it was so revelatory, and so, so much fun! I continue to paint most every day, and I think it’s great therapy."

—Jeri Corlew, Alplaus NY

"Dawn Boyer's passion for art runs deep and is evident, not only in her own work, but also in her love for spreading 'Art Joy.' I have had the pleasure of watching Dawn create her own pieces and guide others to find their artist within. Dawn's compassionate and constructive instructional practices will leave you inspired to forge ahead on your own artistic journey. She has a remarkable ability to connect through art."

—Lindsey Tocco, Berkeley MI

"I hadn't held a paintbrush for 30 years, so it was with more than a little trepidation that I signed up. I needn't have worried. Dawn is a natural teacher. She broke each of the elements into manageable chunks, which were easy to understand and, more importantly, great fun! While teaching us the techniques, Dawn gave us enough room for our creativity to come through—this was no ‘painting by numbers,' and I can’t wait for more!"

—Lorna Simes, Dover NH



YES, sign me up!
  • Includes lifetime access to all 8 modules with lectures, demos, discovery tips, and hands-on exercises (plus updates!)
  • Access to a Private Community
  • Get your questions answered by Dawn during Weekly Zoom Sessions
  • The guidance you need to catapult your painting to new levels, in the way only YOU can.


I believe in this course, and I want you to be happy with what you learn. If you decide within 14 days after the first module is delivered that the material isn't for you, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked. 

Ready to Create the Expressive Paintings You've Dreamed Of?

This course is chock full of valuable guidance, strategies, tips, and techniques to help you turn your artistic dreams into reality.


Allowing space for creativity is essential to our health and well being. Isn't it time you do something really good for yourself and paint the way you know you can, deep down inside?



  • Time (2–6 hours per week, depending on your goals)
  • An open, curious spirit and the ability to welcome mindfulness
  • Willingness to grow and embrace that with the creative process, things sometimes (most times) have to fall apart before they get better, and this is GOOD
  • The courage to be vulnerable, because that's where our best art comes from
  • A desire to stop holding yourself back and finally, FINALLY make your voice heard through your art

L E T ' S  D O  T H I S !

Photo of Dawn Boyer in front of unfinished abstract painting

P.S. Don't delay. Now's your chance to paint a beautiful life for yourself with your art.